among us mod apk download 2020 latest version

among us mod apk downaload 2020 latest version

among us mod apk online and offline multiplayer game, if you like the multiplayer game it is a perfect game for you.

Very popular Online multiplayer game among us mod apk download. Continue with this article and download among us mod apk free. 

Multiplayer game is very popular nowadays people want to play games with friends, family, and another online player. If you are like to play an online multiplayer game then this game is perfect for you. You can very enjoy this game.

Among is an online multiplay game you can play with your friend and family. This game is very easy to play anyone can play this game and no need for powerful smartphones and high-speed internet. You can easily play with a normal smartphone and the normal speed of the internet.

Among us mod apk

Among us mod apk 

This is an online multiplayer game, this game is very popular nowadays, many YouTubers plays this game and stream.

This game about teamwork. You can lay this game with an online player or local player via wifi. Minimum four and a maximum of ten players play in each game. Amoun all the players either crewmate or imposter. Three maps available for play this game you can select any map. 

When you host this game you have all control. If you want to play with your friend, create a private room, and share room code with your friends. Using this room code other players join your room.

If you want to play with an online player, you just create a room and set it on the public. players can join automatically from all over the world. Once players join start plays easily.

The host can change all settings, if play with more task host can change this setting and select. All the games minimum one imposter in the game. The host can change the imposter number. Also, change the maximum and minimum player. The host can Kick temporally from the room if any player left or being rude.

Start of the game each crewmate has a personal task to complete for a game win. all task is minigames. Crewmate can see the admin map and security for suspicious activity. Crewmate any time call emergency meeting when imposter found. If crewmate found any the crewmate death body crewmate report this death body and call meeting. Crewmate wins the game by complete all the tasks of identifying the imposter.

Imposter wins the game by kills all the crewmates, the number of imposters is equal to the number of crewmates. Imposter also does a fake task to blend in with crewmates. If an imposter kills any crewmates, the crewmate becomes a ghost. The ghost also does pending tasks. The ghost is invisible to everyone and also passes from walls. only other ghosts can see.

If any crewmate reports death body a group meeting called for discussion who is an imposter and who kills this crewmate. By voting system players eject from the game. The player can chat using the chatbox only during the meeting or emergency meeting to take a decision.

Among us mod apk


SIZE 69.57 MB

Feature of among us mod apk

  • All snake unlocked
  • All Pets unlocked
  • All hate unlocked
  • Always imposter, every game you become imposter.
  • You have no kill cooldown time after you kill a player, kill as many players as you want.
  • You are able to see through walls to which will helps you target other people

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